Dr. Kitt Schaller

Dr. Kitt Schaller, DVM, cVMA is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine where she focused on large animal and production animal medicine. Since graduating, Kitt has worked primarily with dairy cattle. She quickly learned there were some fundamental limitations to what conventional medicine could do to heal her patients. It was discouraging to discover that sometimes potent drugs could cause unforeseen consequences, or that by concentrating treatment exclusively on one area of an animal’s body, different problems could emerge elsewhere. Sometimes, despite using an entire arsenal of drugs and invasive treatments, animals just didn’t get any better. Kitt turned to the world of holistic medicine which takes a much broader look at what elements are needed to facilitate healing from the inside out.

Kitt completed her acupuncture training through the CuraCore Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians program in Colorado which focuses on teaching acupuncture from a scientific perspective. Kitt also obtained her Reiki II certification through Integrative Healing Therapies. Her work combines a solid foundation in hard science and conventional medicine with treatment that is rooted in notions about the phenomenal healing power of the body’s energy, and gentle, intuitive methods for communication and understanding what will help an animal effectively recover from injury or illness. As a holistic veterinarian, Kitt’s primary focus is on promoting and maintaining balance within the body to keep animals healthy and strong.

Kitt grew up on a farm in Verona, WI where she spent her days among horses, cows, llamas, and chickens. Kitt and her husband Paul live in Verona with their young son, and one on the way in August. Paul milks 48 cows on his family’s dairy farm where Kitt’s role is to take care of the vet work and assist with milking and fieldwork as needed. Acupuncture is regularly used on their cows, and she has seen many positive results since incorporating it into treatment protocols. Kitt is also an equine enthusiast, enjoying riding in her spare time and doing equitarian work on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.