Chinese Herbal Medicine

Food Therapy is the art and science of using selected food ingredients per individual patient. This can be based on the patient’s inborn tendencies, their age, their personality, and their current disharmony or disease process. Food Therapy can treat specific health conditions or promote health, thereby preventing disease. Foods have certain energetics such as cooling or draining damp. We can use these qualities to improve health. Food Therapy may range from simply adding a spice to your animal’s meal to making a balanced, homemade diet.

Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used for thousands of years to cure and keep healthy millions of animals and humans alike. Herbal formulas, some that have been developed over thousands of years, are used for all of the same diseases as acupuncture treats, and also to prevent diseases like influenza and kennel cough. Some animals who can’t receive acupuncture are treated with herbal medicine with great effects.