Electroacupuncture involves attaching wires from a machine which produces very low voltage to the acupuncture needles. Differing frequencies cause the release of various neurotransmitters which relieve pain and provide comfort.

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Sunny Day


Aged athletes do not fair well. Two months ago, Sunny Day, our eldest, was no longer able to get onto the sofa (mixed blessing) for a nap nor navigate the back yard.

We opted to enlist an alternative vet. Dr. Jody Bearman has been treating Sunny with acupuncture and herbs for less than two months now. Sunny can not wait to see Doctor Jody and literally falls asleep during the acupuncture with electrical stimulus in the process.

Sunny now claims any sofa or even our bed when she is tired. She races across the yard like a youngster going for ice cream. The difference is simply astounding. Sadly, Dr. Jody refuses to treat me, but has referred me to her own acupuncturist. Frankly, I can’t wait.

– Larry Sharp