Injuries, medicines, poor diet, stress and our genetic code can lead our bodies to become ill or unwell. With homeopathy, we find the way each body becomes unwell, and using the specific remedy that matches the symptoms of the patient, give a “wake up call” to the body to begin healing itself. This strengthens the whole being to resist further disease and have true vital health. Vital health is a good appetite, consistent stools and urine even with changes of diet, a shiny coat and skin, strong teeth and gums, a strong body of correct weight and muscle that moves easily, healthy internal organs, and a happy and comfortable disposition. Once a body has had a correct acute or chronic homeopathic remedy, it is stronger than before even if other medicines are given later.

Practical Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy by Wendy Thacher Jensen is an excellent introduction to the world of veterinary homeopathy and recommended to all homeopathy clients.

Daisy, a beautiful 17 year old ocicat, developed cancerous tumors on her ear. After her first surgery, the tumors returned. After a second surgery was done and after the tumors still returned, her ear was removed. She refused to eat for a month and her behavior completely changed, becoming restless, crying, not sleeping at night and only eating tiny amounts when her family would follow her around with food for hours. When Daisy received her homeopathic remedy, she began to eat on her own, slept through the night, stopped crying and her tumors began to disappear within two weeks. A month later they are almost gone.

before Homeopathy remedy

Daisy’s tumors before her remedy was given

Tumor healing 2 weeks after remedy was given

Tumor healing 2 weeks after remedy

Tumor is healing after only a few weeks

Healing progress 4 weeks after remedy

Cruze, a 10 year old Quarter Horse gelding who is a lucky member of the Remington family, developed hair loss on his face in May 2016 with flakiness, itchiness and moistness that spread to the rest of his body. Three days after one dose of his homeopathic remedy his coat started to grow back in.

Cruze before homeopathic remedy

Cruze before homeopathic remedy was given

skin improvements homeopathy

Cruze has experienced significant skin improvement after receiving his remedy

skin improvements after homeopathy remedy

Significant skin improvement after receiving homeopathic remedy