Why Acupuncture?




Acupuncture is the insertion of very thin sterile wires into points along energy channels in the body which releases blockages and helps energy to flow smoothly and comfortably, which relieves pain and increases function.

Most animals are comfortable and many even fall asleep during the procedure, which lasts from a few to 30+ minutes.


Arthritis is one common disease that benefits from acupuncture.  Ease of movement and comfort including relief of pain occur by releasing the bodies natural pain killers such as opiodes, endorphins and serotonin.



When our 12-year old black Labrador Jake began struggling daily to get to his feet and was reluctant to take food, he was diagnosed with arthritis at two points on his spine.  I shuddered at the thought of putting him on heavy pain medication and witnessing his slow painful decline until the end of his life.  After a few treatments Jake rose more easily to his feet, played like a puppy with our 3-year old Lab, loped comfortably around the pasture with our horse and sheep and resumed his normal healthy appetite.  Dr. Andrea’s kind and gentle nature also immediately won over Jake, who had always been afraid of visiting a veterinary clinic.   After treatment he was full of energy and enthusiasm, prompting play and begging for walks along the trails. Acupuncture has given Jake much greater comfort and quality of life. 

-Dan Antolec

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Paralysis and weakness improve with the use of acupuncture.  Many animals are able to walk when they couldn’t previously.



Chipper became paralyzed in his hind quarters five months ago due to calcification of his spinal discs. Our vet told us he would need surgery but with no guarantee it would work. He also said he had heard of some success with acupuncture. Thankfully we found Dr. Andrea with Anshen. After just one treatment he started to regain feeling in his legs. After three treatments he was beginning to walk again. Its been five months now and he has regained almost all of his range of motion. We told ourselves we needed a miracle and we believe we got it.

– Cindy Breithaupt

Gastrointestinal problems such as pancreatitis, diarrhea, constipation, bloating and colic improve and often completely resolve with acupuncture.



Jinx was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease when he was a kitten and we struggled for more than a year trying various medications, changing food numerous times and various prescription diets to no avail. I was considering further expensive diagnostic testing recommended by my vet when a colleague referred me to Dr. Bearman; the best referral I ever received.

I was impressed with the time and attention she took at the initial assessment. A combination of acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs along with a change in diet cleared up his symptoms. Jinx has not received a treatment or taken herbs in more than a year. He’s a happy, healthy, playful cat and continues to be symptom-free. I highly recommend her services.

–Jean K.

Cancer is another area where acupuncture can be added to western treatments or used alone. Read about Simba, Indy, Reggie and Sophie in Stories.






Jody has been seeing our dog Loki for about 10 months. We absolutely credit Jody for bringing Loki back from the brink. We were moments away from putting Loki down last March when, out of desperation, we came to Jody. At the time, his diabetes was out of control. His liver was almost totally non-functioning. He presented with a terrible and rare skin condition. And he hadn’t been able to push himself into a standing position for the 2 months prior. She has worked wonders for Loki. Today, he is a happy elder with a clear liver panel, diabetes that is under control, clear skin, and an insistence on playing ball every day. And we are overwhelmingly grateful to Jody for giving us so much extra time with Loki.

–Justin Schaefer

Liver disease such as Loki’s, behavioral problems, kidney disease, poor appetite, pain issues such as Maks’  and many others, often those that can’t be helped by western medicine alone, benefit from acupuncture. Read their stories.


Maks Before Treatment