Why Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a medicine developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann 300 years ago in which “like” treats “like”.  It is an energy modality in which medicine is given by mouth, in the food or in the water, and requires humans to carefully note changes in their animals behavior and bodily functions to treat correctly.  Vaccine reactions, unusual behaviors, some chronic diseases and many acute ones can be helped with homeopathy.  Linus is a dog who has been successfully treated with homeopathy.



My poor collie puppy was having many issues before Jody came to see him.  He had been over-vaccinated as a young puppy; had been given anesthesia several times and had a very bad reaction; his intestinal track was always giving him problems and would have diarrhea for days; he did not use his back legs and there was poor muscle development; he could not do steps and had problems getting into a car.  Everything scared him. Jody immediately gave him some homeopathic treatments to help with the legs and his fears.  She put him on Chinese medicine that strengthened his back legs and helped his stomach.  She relieved pain in his back and his anxiety with acupuncture.  The results were amazing.  He is now about 70 pounds, and he bounces and plays and runs and his stomach is 100 percent better.  Jody was so amazing that we were able to get x-rays of his hips without using any sedatives; she gave him rescue remedy and lots of needles to calm him.  My dog just marched right in for his x-rays and they were able to get perfect pictures.  I always go to Jody first before I give him any western medicine or treatment.  I trust her judgment as to what is best for my sensitive dog.  She always find some remedy that works.  And best of all, my dog (and cats) love her!!


-Jennifer Argelander

Case Study:

Daisy, a beautiful 17 year old ocicat, developed cancerous tumors on her ear. After her first surgery, the tumors returned, a second surgery was done, and after the tumors returned her ear was removed. After the last surgery, she refused to eat for a month and her behavior completely changed, becoming restless, crying, not sleeping at night and only eating tiny amounts when her family would follow her around with food for hours. When Daisy received her homeopathic remedy, she began to eat on her own, slept through the night, stopped crying and her tumors began to disappear within 2 weeks. A month later they are almost gone.

before Homeopathy remedy

Daisy’s tumors before her remedy was given

Tumor healing 2 weeks after remedy was given

Tumor healing 2 weeks after remedy

Tumor is healing after only a few weeks

Healing progress 4 weeks after remedy

Case Study:

Cruze, a 10 year old Quarter Horse gelding who is a lucky member of the Remington family, developed hair loss on his face in May 2016 with flakiness, itchiness and moistness that spread to the rest of his body. 3 days after one dose of his homeopathic remedy his coat started to grow back in.

Cruze before homeopathic remedy

Cruze before homeopathic remedy was given

skin improvements homeopathy

Cruze has experienced significant skin improvement after receiving his remedy

skin improvements after homeopathy remedy

Significant skin improvement after receiving homeopathic remedy