When our 12-year old black Labrador Jake began struggling daily to get to his feet and was reluctant to take food, he was diagnosed with arthritis at two points on his spine.  I shuddered at the thought of putting him on heavy pain medication and witnessing his slow painful decline until the end of his life.  He also had chronic ear problems and a growing bald spot on his throat that we could neither keep clean or dry, despite several attempts with medication.  Our primary veterinarian referred us to Dr. Andrea for acupuncture treatment.

Our initial expectations were low, but by the second treatment we saw clear signs of improvement.  After a few treatments Jake rose more easily to his feet, played like a puppy with our 3-year old Lab, loped comfortably around the pasture with our horse and sheep and resumed his normal healthy appetite.  His ears hardly ever required cleaning and the bald spot nearly filled in.  Dr. Andrea’s kind and gentle nature also immediately won over Jake, who had always been afraid of visiting a veterinary clinic.  He had even refused treats while at the clinic, but readily accepted them from Dr. Andrea.  It was wonderful watching him relax at the onset of each treatment session as he settled into a nap for the duration.  After treatment he was full of energy and enthusiasm, prompting play and begging for walks along the trails.

Acupuncture has given Jake much greater comfort and quality of life.  I highly recommend Dr. Andrea to our friends.

-Dan Antolec

Tumor is healing after only a few weeks

Tumor is healing after only a few weeks

Daisy’s tumors before her remedy was given

Daisy, a beautiful 17 year old ocicat, developed cancerous tumors on her ear. After her first surgery, the tumors returned, a second surgery was done, and after the tumors returned her ear was removed. After the last surgery, she refused to eat for a month and her behavior completely changed, becoming restless, crying, not sleeping at night and only eating tiny amounts when her family would follow her around with food for hours. When Daisy received her homeopathic remedy, she began to eat on her own, slept through the night, stopped crying and her tumors began to disappear within 2 weeks. A month later they are almost gone.



After you left last night, Reeses was like a new dog.  I saw her relief instantly when she charged over and fetched her shoe.  She had more flexibility and mobility in her hind end and even seemed a little stronger.  Spanky bumped against her and she did not fall.  This morning she rose quite quickly from a laying position, instead of struggling and slipping to get up.  Also, instead of coming back into the house after pottying, she grabbed her shoe and wanted to play.  I will not let so much time go by before her next visit this time.  Thanks!

-Becca Manor


Q.C., our very tiny for the breed (three pound) Papillon, loved to play ball, run outside, and snuggle. We picked her up when she was ten months old.

She was full of fun, love and there was never a dull moment.

She had a spot on her back that was scaly, turned black and lost hair, we thought it was a topical flea treatment. But after a second spot showed up after another rabies vaccination, the same thing happened. She had flaky skin; lost hair; skin turned black and tissue died; and had scaly skin in that area. We did a biopsy and it was from the rabies shot. This continued to spread and the skin and area there was dying.

Then we found Dr. Jody when our other Papillon needed help. He was allergic to corn and I exhausted all the commercial foods I could find. Food wasn’t consistent, holes in the bags, or formula changes. So I wanted to home cook.

She examined her and gave her some herbal medicine and acupuncture. Her skin returned to normal color and some of the hair returned. A couple years later she had another reaction from the same shot, but this time we couldn’t touch her and that was unusual for her.   We did a blood draw, the first blood draw said it was Cushing’s disease, but a second blood draw showed it wasn’t.   She gave her some Chinese meds and she got over it fast. She was our happy little pappy again.

After another vet gave her an antibiotic, it damaged her kidneys. Dr. Jody helped her through her kidney issues the last ten months of her life to live still happy and as healthy as she could be. Thank you Dr. Jody and Dr. Andrea for helping her live to be fourteen years old with us that we wouldn’t have had without you.




Well, that was one spectacular time for me and Sunny. Why was it spectacular?

– Your kindness, gentleness and extraordinary listening skills, with grand follow up questions, enthusiasm and ability to sense the specifics and the whole of Sunny
– Your ability to receive information, incorporate it and provide timely feedback to me during the entire process
– And you sincere commendation for me, for Sunny and for us as a team was so much appreciated!
– Your ability to change your approach and/or treatment based on feedback from Sunny in order to achieve the greatest gain with minimum discomfort to him
– Your amazing knowledge base and ability to explain the what/when/why and how so thoroughly and completely!
– Your excellent intake form, recording of details and follow up report card, videos and healing products pick up — I love the video of the spinal rolls (layman’s term!) & your Chi is adorable! Sunny is not too keen on that, due to his back issues — some twitching and whining, but maybe I’m not doing it correctly — got to watch your video more times!
– Your great ability to relate and give sincere expressions of whatever is needed, i.e, dismay and empathy for anything bad, joy and commendation for the good and gradients for anything in between
– Your welcoming, encouraging and respectful attitude made both Sunny and me rise to the occasion, enabling us to work at the high end of our capabilities – thank you!

And there are more, but I will move onto the specific feedback and questions about Sunny and me …

– Jim Zoet was very impressed, as Sunny was still quite calm even with him. We decided to leave things alone for now and maybe needle the right hind lump when Sunny is sedated for dental later in the fall…
– Kept Sunny fairly quiet for the rest of the day and he seemed much more comfortable an stretching out

– Sunny was more relaxed and even stretched out next to me in a full body pressed against me (never happened before) — what a joy to see him more relaxed, and now I realize how much his tenser look was bothering me subconsciously


Sunny Day

When it comes to alternative medicine, I tend to be a skeptic. Of late, not so much. As many of you know we share our home with two retired/rescued greyhounds. Both are a bit long in the tooth. Just past 12 years in each case. Aged athletes do not fair well.

Two months ago, Sunny Day, our eldest, was no longer able to get onto the sofa (mixed blessing) for a nap nor navigate the back yard. We had begun to write her off.

Kay opted to enlist an alternative vet. Dr. Jody Bearman of has been treating Sunny with acupuncture and herbs for less than two months now. Sunny can not wait to see Doctor Jody and literally falls asleep during the acupuncture with electrical stimulus in the process.

Sunny now claims any sofa or even our bed when she is tired. She races across the yard like a youngster going for ice cream. The difference is simply astounding. Sadly, Dr. Jody refuses to treat me, but has referred me to her own acupuncturist. Frankly, I can’t wait.

If you have an aging/ailing pet, by all means, try Dr Bearman before you give up. She only preserves life if it is quality life. At some point, we must say goodbye. But Sunny has earned a stay thanks to Dr. Jody.

– Larry Sharp



This is Sophie, she turned 14 at the end of November. I have to share this amazing experience with you!

Sophie has been with me through thick and thin. She loves to chase squirrels and balls of any size and will chew the gutters to get the chipmunks! She adores the boys and Gregory especially loves her. I have seen her age over the last few month with loss of hearing and eyesight and have suspected she may have had some seizures.

10 days ago I witnessed these seizures first hand, it was so sad and they just continued with up to 4 a day with each one lasting longer. The thought of what was to come broke my heart and was thinking it may be a sad Christmas for our family.

I took her to my friend, neighbor and Vet Dr. Jody Bearman at Anshen Veterinary Acupuncture. (Alternative medicine at its very best!) Most likely she has a brain tumor…with so many seizures she was showing signs of memory, eyesight and hearing loss, was in pain, having accidents, running into walls and disoriented she couldn’t even shake her head.

Dr. Jody did a very small amount of acupuncture and prescribed 2 different Chinese Herbs for her to take. She has been on the Chinese Herbs for 1 week, she has not had a seizure in a week, and everyday she is a tiny bit back to her old self!

Hearing back, eyesight back, no visible pain, no accidents, comes to the door when we come home!

Can’t say I would have seen these results with anti-seizure and pain medication!
We are so happy Sophie is a part of our family!

–Michele Nicholson


Maks Before Treatment


Maks After Treatment


We bought our Thoroughbred, Maksimos, from Arlington Park Racetrack in June of 2012. Maks had a difficult time adjusting to his new home, and new life as well. Being stabled most of his life, Maks didn’t know the first thing about how to just be a horse. It was quite stressful for all involved!

He was beginning to just give up and was too underweight, weak and defeated to defend himself in the herd in order to even get enough food. A friend referred me to Dr. Jody because she had success with acupuncture for her dogs. What have we got to lose, I thought.

A few days after Dr. Jody’s first visit, Maks had more energy than I’d ever seen. His lameness got a bit better and his appetite skyrocketed, which is good because he was 500 lbs underweight! After his second visit, 2 weeks later, he was beginning to play with other horses and call to them from his little paddock that was made for him to spend his days eating as much as possible!

About a month after that, Dr. Jody came for a third treatment and by then, Maks was spending more time with the herd, acting like a little colt–all 17 hh of him! He was making some friends, putting on weight and we were able to ride and begin some retraining since his racing days.

His progress continues, and he’s been doing great! Thank you, Dr. Jody, for the time you spent caring for him, and for us, it seemed as well! I thought we made a mistake in taking on the task of rehoming an OTTB, but just a bit of time with you and he’s fantastic! We’re absolutely thrilled with how Maks is feeling and are happy to say that he has lots of friends and LOVES to play in his herd!

–Tonya Thompson





Lexi is being treated for limps and arthritis. I wanted to share that Lexi was trotting on her walk today and jumped up on the front porch with no hesitation!  So fun to see!  Thanks for all you do!

-Ann Baumbach

Dr. Bearman has had a profound influence on the health of my dogs. Her work gave my ailing Great Pyrenees, Tulip, an “extra” good year of life, and has helped my 15 year-old Border Collie, Lassie, stay shiny-eyed, vital and strong, in spite of several serious health problems. My dogs and I are SO lucky to have her!

–Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D., CAAB
Author: The Other End of the Leash and For the Love of a Dog



Rosie is on Rimadyl 1/2 tablet once a day and Body Sore teapills twice daily and takes them well.  She has a little spring in her step!  She walks really well, very attentive and perky.  She went out with Nora the other day and chased a squirrel up a hill and looked up the tree- she hasn’t done that in ages!  And she’s not a young dog- she’s almost 14 years old!

–Amy Wall




Duckette is our 12-year old Lab. About nine months ago he started having coughing and throat clearing episodes. We did not think much of it at first but as time when on, the episodes become more frequent and intense, so intense that he occasionally coughed up his dinner.

Our primary vet is Dr. Kristine Collins of Sauk Point Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Collins offered a preliminary assessment of  laryngeal paralysis. The diagnosis was confirmed while Duckette was under sedation for a routine dental cleaning. Without treatment, Duckette would likely have to battle severe respiratory infections, as his throat would no longer completely close off as he ate or drank, causing food and water to enter his lungs. Dr. Collins explored treatment options with us.  Surgery was one option, but recovery was difficult, it was a significantly invasive operation, and the post-operative results were not overly impressive as a “cure.”

Dr. Collins provided a referral to Dr. Andrea Lanphear of Anshen Veterinary Acupuncture. Dr. Lanphear explained that acupuncture was a viable treatment for Duckette to strengthen and stimulate the “throat muscles.” The treatment also included a low level electrical current as part of the therapy (electro-acupuncture). Since this option was much less invasive (and lower in cost that surgery), we elected acupuncture as a treatment option. Surgery was still an option in the future if Duckette did not improve.

The results were almost immediate as the episodes of throat clearing were much less frequent and severe. The episodes seemed to pick up a bit in the few days before his next treatment but then were again almost non-existent just after treatment. After sixsessions, Duckette is significantly improved and the sounds of Duckette’s uncomfortable and intense throat clearing are no longer a frequent occurrence in our house.

Veterinary acupuncture is a very special practice. Thanks to Dr. Lanphear (and Dr. Collins’ referral), Duckette is far more happy and healthy than what he was before treatments.

–Tammy and Chuck Fox


Frosty in his favorite bed

About 2 years ago our cat Frosty was diagnosed with glaucoma. We started him on eye drops from an Ophthalmology specialist, but he quickly declined. Not only did the drops sting, they also made him nauseated. A second medication had the same effect. Frosty is diabetic so some treatments weren’t an option, and living with constant nausea wasn’t fair either. We made the difficult decision to stop the eye medicine and try to keep him comfortable until the headaches from the glaucoma got worse. We weren’t happy with this but the vet didn’t have any other solution.  Then Dr. Bearman suggested that we try homeopathy. I was impressed at the level of questions she asked about Frosty, and when she found his remedy, we treated him right away. The first few days he was more social than usual, but I dismissed this because he was also no longer taking the eye drops so I thought he was just happy not to feel sick. Through Dr. Bearman’s recommendation, we gave him another treatment a few months later. Again, his mood improved right away. Over the course of a eight or nine months, his eye pressure numbers declined. Now our sweet 19 year old cat is glaucoma free! As a side note, Frosty has had 2 very large facial abscesses in the past 10 months. Dr. Bearman had us treat him with his homeopathy remedy for that as well, and both abscesses disappeared within a few days – with no antibiotics!



Dr. Bearman has also treated out 16 year old dog, Niko, who was developing renal failure. We didn’t think Niko was responding for a while and concluded that she was just too old for the remedy to help Niko heal, but at our last checkup, Niko’s blood work showed that the renal failure has reversed and she is back within normal limits.

We are very grateful that our geriatric critters have Dr. Bearman to help them live longer – and certainly healthier lives.

-Sarah Witter




Josey, my twenty month old Welsh Terrier at the time, was diagnosed with a rare form of immune mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA) called pure red cell aplasia in February of 2011. Basically her own body attacked itself and stopoped making red blood cells. Faced with a disease incompatible with life, I decided to treat her to the fullest extent. For me, coping with this disease meant learning as much about it as possible. Through my readings, I learned of people who had treated their IMHA dogs with acupuncture and chinese herbs in addition to Western medication with excellent results. That is when I turned to Anshen and Dr. Lanphear for help. Josey was started on a chinese herb that helped her bone marrow produce red blood cells called Gui Pi Tang and had acupuncture every other week. The Western medications wreaked havoc on her liver also. Her liver values sky rocketed and finally decreased with the administration of another Chinese herb called Liver Happy. Josey is now almost three and a half years old and in “remission”. She continues to take Chinese herbs now to help boost her immune system. She also continues to see Dr. Lanphear every other month for acupuncture. I am so grateful to have found Anshen, Nadia, and Dr. Lanphear. They all helped bring my baby girl back to me.

– Jen Hackenmiller
Josey, Welsh Terrier 3.5 years



Meet Chipper a Cardigan Corgi. Chipper became paralyzed in his hind quarters five months ago due to calcification of his spinal discs. Our vet told us he would need surgery but with no guarantee it would work. He also said he had heard of some success with acupuncture. We decided to get on the computer and find a place to take him. Thankfully we found Dr. Andrea with Anshen. After just one treatment he started to regain feeling in his legs. After three treatments he was beginning to walk again. Its been five months now and he has regained almost all of his range of motion. He may never get 100% of his motion back but we are so thankful to Dr. Andrea for bringing our boy this far. We told ourselves we needed a miracle and we believe we got it. Thanks again Dr. Andrea.

– Cindy Breithaupt



Dr. Andrea helped our beloved Bogie live to the ripe old age of 14. Without her help, we surely would have lost him years earlier because of several medical issues.

Bogie also developed Chronic Pancreatitis, and nothing prevented the attacks. We bought special kibble, they gave him medication and nothing worked. At this point, we had Dr. Lanphear come to our home to give Acupuncture a try. We had great success with this treatment and she recommended we make Bogie’s food and had us give him several herbs. I made Bogie homemade food once a week for the rest of his life. Every Sunday he and I hung out in the kitchen preparing his food for the following week. Organic meats, veggies and fruits and he took his herbs daily. He never had another attack, it was amazing. Dr. Lanphear helped to keep our best friend healthy, happy and comfortable for his remaining years. We valued every day we had with him. I would recommend Anshen to anyone! Dr. Lanphear is one the most compassionate people I’ve met and we love working with her!

– Michelle Finch

Last year, Samantha, my 7 year old Bichon Friese developed intestinal and liver problems. I exhausted all avenues of traditional medicine with my veterinarian. Thousands of dollars later, there was no cure and the side effects of the treatments were a huge concern. Long term prognosis looked bleak. Looking for other options, I sought out Dr. Bearman.

Dr. Bearman’s treatments have been an answer to prayer. Her use of acupuncture and Chinese herbs have cured Sammy. All the blood test results are now in normal ranges and Sammy has her old energy back.

I thank God for Dr. Bearman’s knowledge and compassion.

–Bonnie Wendorff



Jinx was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease when he was a kitten and we struggled for more than a year trying various medications, changing food numerous times and various prescription diets to no avail. I was considering further expensive diagnostic testing recommended by my vet when a colleague referred me to Dr. Bearman; the best referral I ever received.

I was impressed with the time and attention she took at the initial assessment. A combination of acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs along with a change in diet cleared up his symptoms. Jinx has not received a treatment or taken herbs in more than a year. He’s a happy, healthy, playful cat and continues to be symptom-free. I highly recommend her services.

–Jean K.



My poor collie puppy was having many issues before Jody came to see him.  He had been over-vaccinated as a young puppy; had been given anesthesia several times and had a very bad reaction; his intestinal track was always giving him problems and would have diarrhea for days; he did not use his back legs and there was poor muscle development; he could not do steps and had problems getting into a car.  Everything scared him.   Jody immediately gave him some homeopathic treatments to help with the legs and his fears.  She put him on Chinese medicine that strengthened his back legs and helped his stomach.  She relieved pain in his back and his anxiety with acupuncture.  The results were amazing.  He is now about 70 pounds, and he bounces and plays and runs and his stomach is 100 percent better.  Jody was so amazing that we were able to get x-rays of his hips without using any sedatives; she gave him rescue remedy and lots of needles to calm him.  My dog just marched right in for his x-rays and they were able to get perfect pictures.  I always go to Jody first before I give him any western medicine or treatment.  I trust her judgment as to what is best for my sensitive dog.  She always find some remedy that works.  And best of all, my dog (and cats) love her!!

–Jennifer Argelander



We’ve known Dr. Bearman for six years. We first met her when she became the vet for our dog, Bo. Later, when Dr. Bearman decided to practice Chinese medicine veterinary medicine, she treated Bo’s sore hips with acupuncture because he could no longer tolerate pain medication. The acupuncture certainly improved his quality of life. Dr. Bearman is a caring, thoughtful, and experienced veterinarian. We highly recommend her services.

–Sue and Chris Ellibee


Without a doubt, Jody Bearman enriched my life. She gave us an extra year with our beloved Reggie that we never would have had. Not only was our Reggie able to share another year with us, but her quality of life was excellent during that year. I think I began to look forward to Jody’s visits as much as Reggie did. She was a pleasure to share time with and was always completely open to all of my crazy questions and requests. I now recommend Jody, and acupuncture, to everyone I know – human and dog alike!

–Jane Feller



Jody has been seeing our dog Loki for about 10 months. We absolutely credit Jody for bringing Loki back from the brink. We were moments away from putting Loki down last March when, out of desperation, we came to Jody. At the time, his diabetes was out of control. His liver was almost totally non-functioning. He presented with a terrible and rare skin condition. And he hadn’t been able to push himself into a standing position for the 2 months prior. She has worked wonders for Loki. Today, he is a happy elder with a clear liver panel, diabetes that is under control, clear skin, and an insistence on playing ball every day. And we are overwhelmingly grateful to Jody for giving us so much extra time with Loki.

–Justin Schaefer



Our Airedale Terrier, Indy, was diagnosed with cancer in October of 2006 – we were told that she had approximately 2 – 10 months to live. We were given only two options at the time: surgery / radiation or to do nothing. We were then reconnected with Dr. Bearman, who used to be Indy’s vet and introduced to Chinese medicine. Indy has had several acupuncture treatments and remains on twice daily herbs. We are thrilled to say that we have passed the 2-year mark and Indy is doing so well – no one can believe that she is a dog with cancer! We are truly grateful to Jody and encourage others to explore what she has to offer our beloved animals.

–Stacy Klein



When our little morkie, Simba was diagnosed with lymphoma, we were devastated! He was not even 7 years old and very active. The Vet told us chemo was the only answer and without it, he’d not have much time left. I spoke with several people that had worked for Vets and they said, “Don’t do it. He’ll have NO quality of life. I keep any dog-related article on file and when I went through my unorganized file drawer, I found an article about Dr. Jody that had been in our Janesville Gazette in 2004. I contacted her and took Simba to see her several weeks after his diagnosis the end of July 2008. Simba loved her immediately. He’d roll over on his back as if to say, “You can do anything you want with me.” (This was unlike Simba.) Through acupuncture, Chinese herbs and diet, Simba lived until the end of November, two days short of his 7th birthday. Right up until the end, he enjoyed chasing birds and fortunately for the birds, he wasn’t quite as fast. (He’d killed over 30! We thought they were dying of some disease when we kept finding dead birds in our yard, until we saw him get several with our own eyes.) Simba’s tumors had become so large that they were interfering with his breathing and swallowing. Having him “put to sleep” was one of the hardest things we’ve ever done, but done out of our love for him.

We can’t say enough good about Dr. Jody Bearman. Whenever we had a question or concern, we could e-mail her and she’d get back to us quickly. She’s very kind and has a soothing way with animals. We know that Simba’s life was extended by her treatment and his quality of life remained good until the end. We would never, ever, hesitate to recommend her to any pet owner. We’ve kept the sympathy card with a picture of a dog that looked like Simba and the touching note she wrote. Would that there were more Veterinarians like Dr. Jody, animals would not be subjected to invasive, unnecessary tests and procedures, in most cases. God bless you, Dr. Jody! With love and respect,

-Annette & Duke & Simba’s canine “buddy,” Ptah

We met Dr. Bearman when our 15 year old American Eskimo, Legend, was very ill with liver cancer, and was truly at death’s door.  He was too frail to risk surgery. With the desperate hope that we could improve his quality of life, we called Dr. Bearman. It was the best decision we could have made. Through a combination of homemade diet, acupuncture, and herbs, he quickly improved, and was once again enjoying his life. He started eating, going for walks, and the tumor even shrunk down for a while. In addition to the tumor he had severe arthritis in his hips and back legs, which Dr. Bearman also treated with great success.

Our most amazing experience was a time when Legend fell in the backyard and could not stand back up, and injured his hips. He wasn’t improving after a day, so Dr. Bearman came over in an emergency session. After a few needles, he got up and walked across the house like absolutely nothing was wrong!

An unexpected yet wonderful side effect was the change in our cats when they started eating the homemade food too. We had been having a peeing problem on and off for a couple of years and once they started eating that food, we never had trouble with that again, and don’t to this day.

We will be forever grateful to Dr. Bearman for giving our very special dog an additional 5 months of not just sick, cancer-filled life, but a good and happy life. She and Dr. Andrea have both worked with many of our pets to improve their health. We cannot recommend them enough.

-Sarah and Todd Witter