Why Laser Acupuncture?

Ruby_web_picLaser therapy stimulates cellular activity that improves the speed and quality of healing. By using wavelengths between 600-1000 nanometers, infrared light results in the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is needed for many metabolic processes leading to increased cell generation and regulation of growth factors, cytokines, and inflammatory mediators which are important for healing. Increases in endorphins and serotonins relieve pain with laser use. Angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels) and neurogenesis (formation of generating neurons)  also occur with laser use. Laser therapy has been used for healing since the 1960s.

Laser acupuncture shines the laser light into acupuncture points instead of needles.  Wavelengths of 780-980nm (used in Class 3B lasers, which is the cold laser that AnShen uses) allow acupuncture without needles for those animals who are sensitive. Our Respond Laser has 2 different sizes and wavelengths which are used for pain management, healing infections, treating sprains, fractures, arthritis (including navicular disease), neurological problems such as weakness and vestibular disease, gingivitis, ulcers, oral infections, post operatively for knee and other surgeries and for most of the same indications as acupuncture.

Lasers are not to be used in all situations, such as cancers, during pregnancy or over the joints of very young animals. Chinese medicine and homeopathy are available in these situations.


Molly, a 20 year old Holstein cow, has a history of arthritis, chronic wounds and abscesses. Laser treatment has healed her deep skin wounds and abscesses and helped her joints to feel more comfortable.

Ruby, a 11 year old mixed breed spaniel first came to AnShen with chronic kidney failure and no appetite. Fear of the vet after many blood draws and catheters made needle-less acupuncture easy for her. One laser acupuncture treatment got her to start eating again, and her energy, comfort and appetite have increased with regular laser acupuncture treatment.