Our cat Julius’ health was rapidly declining after being diagnosed with feline leukemia. Following testing at our local veterinarian, he was given no encouraging treatment options and little chance of survival. To prevent further pain suffering, we reluctantly scheduled an appointment for one of the suggested options, euthanasia. The evening before his appointment, we contacted Dr. Jody Bearman at AnShen Holistic Veterinary Care. She researched Julius’ medical records, scheduled a consultation, and treated him with a homeopathic remedy. That was two months ago. Today Julius is living a happy, comfortable, and playful life. He still has his disease, but we see everyday that he has more life to share with us. Thank you to Dr. Jody at Anshen Holistic Veterinary Care. —Richard R.
I first met Dr. Jody when Sela was 9 months old. We were experiencing several health concerns due to over-vaccination and overuse of antibiotics. I was feeling very dissatisfied with the conventional veterinary care we were receiving, which was treating each symptom independently by using more medications without any signs of improvement. Dr. Jody changed everything for us—she immediately treated us like we were family, truly listening to what our experience had been, and focusing on Sela holistically. She continues to spend as much time with us as we need, making sure that she gets a full picture of Sela’s symptoms and behaviors every time we meet, and ensuring that no detail is missed. Every time we see Dr. Jody she makes us feel like we are the most important client of her day, and that level of care is so important to us. Homeopathy has helped us thoroughly enjoy the exuberance and energy that is the Boxer! I cannot say enough good things about AnShen Holistic Veterinary Care – they are truly client-centered, always making our pet’s needs their priority, and doing so in a way that is natural, safe and effective. Dr. Jody has taught us a better way to improve and maintain health—and for that, we are so grateful!
—Lindsey & Sela

My first experience with Anshen & Dr. Jody Bearman was when my 15 year old cat Jasmin had cancer. The treatment she received allowed her to eat & to enjoy her last few weeks of life. When I adopted a new cat, who had a recent leg amputation, I knew I wanted her to see Dr. Bearman. Juniper greatly enjoyed her acupuncture & laser treatment for phantom leg pain & the love & attention she received. In addition, the recommended diet and other information I received allows me to feel my pet is enjoying the best care possible for a long, happy life. —Korey K.

“My affectionate, joyful mare, Luna, became lethargic and filled with muscle and joint pain due to Lyme Disease and Anaplasmosis. She no longer wanted to be touched, her appetite faded, and she often stood alone in the shelter. Treatment with traditional western medicine wasn’t working and I thought I might lose her. A friend recommended Dr. Jody, who began treating Luna with homeopathy and veterinary spinal manipulation. Luna began to brighten almost immediately. With continued help from Dr. Jody, she made consistent progress over the course of a year, and recovered completely! Luna is back to her happy, friendly self. No illness, no pain, and I can even ride her now! I am beyond grateful to Dr. Jody for giving me my girl back.”
Karen Braun
“It is with inestimable gratitude that I recommend Dr. Jody Bearman of AnShen Holistic Veterinary Care. Our dog, Joker, eats rocks. Through careful questioning Dr. Bearman found the correct homeopathic remedy to help Joker to pass blocking objects through his digestive tract that would have otherwise resulted in surgery to remove them. Thank you!” —Liz B.
“Thank you for the work you do. I wish every dog (and human) could be as lucky as Greta (and me). The peace of mind we have knowing there is another option is immeasurable. So many people get on the medical merry-go-round and are stuck, not knowing there is another option. I was so lucky to grow up knowing there is another way, but I am always more grateful for that luck when I’m confronted with western medicine and the choices most are given.”
Jenny and Greta
“Lily is an almost nine year old Dogo Argentino and happy, long time client of AnShen. She recently tweaked her neck (looking for extra food on the kitchen counter) and was immediately in severe pain. She wasn’t able to put weight on her right front leg, turn or lift her head, shake, stretch, or get comfortable. An emergency vet visit is not in her best interest with the amount of fear and stress it would bring her, so Dr. Jody came to our home and used gentle chiropractic, applied kinesiology, and homeopathy. Lily curled up and fell asleep before Dr. Jody left, and continued to make progress with every visit. Four weeks later, she’s back to her old shenanigans, running, jumping, digging, chasing, and rearranging furniture. I don’t know what I would’ve done without Dr. Jody’s loving and patient care. We are forever grateful for her!”  —Katie and Lily
“Leo is six years old and has gotten an anal abscess just about every six months for the last several years. They come out of nowhere, rupture, and leave him understandably uncomfortable for several days. In the beginning we used multiple antibiotics and pain pills to help him, but it took several weeks to heal. Since seeing Dr. Jody and beginning homeopathy, they’ve been fewer and further between. This last time Dr. Jody used chiropractic and an chronic remedy specific to Leo. The swelling reversed in the same day and for the first time, the abscess didn’t rupture!” —Katie and Leo
In late summer of 2016, Zoey ruptured her left cruciate ligament. We considered surgery until we found out that she also developed melanoma and only had a life expectancy of 6-9 months. Since the recovery time from the surgery was longer than her life expectancy, we turned our thoughts to what alternatives were available for Zoey. We wanted her to enjoy pain-free mobility for as long as possible. That’s when a friend recommended AnShen.
Zoey started laser treatments to her left leg, acupuncture, and a combination of Chinese medicines for tendon/ligament and pain management. Within a couple of weeks, Zoey’s leg improved to the degree that she was no longer favoring that leg. Within a few months, her leg appears to be back to normal. Where Zoey used to limp around for a couple of days after overdoing her play time, she now enjoys running around the yard (which we try to discourage) without experiencing any ill effects. The length of her daily walks are back to pre-injury levels and she appears perfectly able to use her left leg without consequence. We’re thrilled that Zoey is able to enjoy her walks and play time without setback or re-injury.
Our dog Suerte is 14 years old and is happy and playful. He loves to go for walks and play with his toys. His good health and happiness at this stage of his life is all due to Dr. Jody. He went through a number of physical challenges—some life threatening and others chronic—but Dr. Jody has been able to help us through these challenges and make Suerte’s senior years a gift to him and to us. Dr. Jody is always happy to see Suerte and always genuinely concerned with his well being. I believe she has a gift that a true healer needs to have. FROM OUR FAMILY – THANK YOU!
—Ava and Suerte
Thank you! Emma was visibly changed after seeing you. Her coat was both shinier and softer (and both Kellie and I noticed it). I have been working her spine, toes and neck as you showed me. She seems . . . aware . . . and . . . grateful. (I know we tend to ascribe too many human values to our dogs . . . but there it is.)
-Steve and Emma
Cruze, a 10 year old Quarter Horse gelding and lucky member of the Remington family, developed hair loss on his face in May 2016 with flakiness, itchiness, and moistness that spread to the rest of his body. Three days after one dose of his homeopathic remedy his coat started to grow back in! Photo 1 shows Cruze before his homeopathic treatment. Photos 2 and 3 show is remarkable improvement since receiving his remedy.
Ruby, an 11 year old mixed breed spaniel first came to AnShen with chronic kidney failure and no appetite. Fear of the vet after many blood draws and catheters made needle-less acupuncture easy for her. One laser acupuncture treatment got her to start eating again, and her energy, comfort, and appetite continued to increase with regular laser acupuncture treatment.
Molly, a 20 year old Holstein cow, had a history of arthritis, chronic wounds, and abscesses. Homeopathy, acupuncture, and laser treatments healed her deep skin wounds, abscesses and mastitis, and helped her joints to feel more comfortable.